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It's pronounced like the summer month, in case 


 were wondering 💛

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So, uh...What do you do?

I collaborate with people and companies to build their visual identity and digital products.
I practice equity-centered design to create accessible products for everyone.
I craft earrings and other knick knacks from polymer clay for my side business & passion project, Kind Kreatures.
I ride my bike around Brooklyn and chase sunsets.
I watch movies and rate them on my Letterboxd account.
I ask questions — lots of them — to discover people’s stories and passions.
That's rad!

Can I see your design work?

Of course!

I've compiled some, just for you:

Waverly Labs

A sleek website for a revolutionary tech product.

Read case study

Avalon Flooring

A responsive website for a floor covering retailer with an emphasis on locality.

Read case study


A fun solution for diners hoping to get rewarded for a phone-free meal together.

Read case study

See more of my designs on Dribbble!

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Here's what I'm currently listening to while I work!


  —  Sidney Gish

Anyways, thanks for listening!
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